not Blogging

I started this website/blog in mid-March, but haven’t written since its inception! Pretty disappointed in myself for not meeting the early goals I’ve set for this project. Which will allow me to wag my finger at the person who started this project with lofty dreams and state for the record…this is *HARD!


Since creating the site, the busiest time of year hit – SPRING! If you a) have kids, b) are a teacher, c) work full-time, or d) all of the above you know how insane the spring season can be!  Working as a full-time teacher and being a mom to 5th & 7th grade girls does not leave much time for anything else.  I’m not sure what I was thinking giving myself a personal, reflective, and public forum on the side of that full plate.


Writing for this site I’ve created, requires a key-component: something to write about!  My high-hopes of updating complete strangers to the process of building a custom home needs progress on that front for content.  As you’ll read on…I don’t have much to say about that.  BUT, I am going to try and be positive and not too hard on myself.  All of the reasons this is hard, is what will make this process worth sharing and learning from along the way.


not Building

This brings me to the more pressing reality of gearing up to build a house (from a 2.5 acre patch of dirt to something we can live in) from 920 miles away!  The name of this website rang true as we barely scratch the surface of making contacts to kick-off the building process.  Our goal between purchasing our lot in February and the snow melting was to find: an architect, a excavator (for a septic tank), and a well drilling contractor. As of today, we’re 1 for 3. The details about that cat-mouse game on Teton Time, is documented (in all it’s educational glory here).


We’re learning that our jobs, lifestyle, and expectations make it harder on ourselves than it needs to be.  Teaching is the most inflexible job for making human-contact outside of the school campus. Want to speak to me about anything not-school-related? Well…that can happen before 7:45am, once in a blue moon – during my 30 minute lunch, and after 4pm. If I really can’t avoid it – you must have something VERY important to discuss with me, because I will take your call during class time.  This begin an awkward exchange, I whisper to my students “I have to take this call” and to the other person on the line “I am teaching right now, so I apologize for being distracted“…all of which give the false mystique that I am a big deal.  The point of all of this is that my husband, Superman, has to make all these calls…during his workday.  Let’s just say nagging someone to nag someone is a soulless undertaking – with little success.



So, after 2.5 months…our 2.5 acres (and this blog) are happily awaiting some TLC. We depart for the Teton Valley this Saturday for our month-long stint!  Escaping the insanity of the 650 and soaking up the sun, stress-free, soul-satisfying pace of 208 comes and the perfect time…Teton Time.


*Eye rolling, pompous laughter, and general mockery are completely acceptable responses to my not-so-shocking reality check.  To any veteran bloggers out there (shall you ever stumble upon this), I have the utmost respect and apologize for ever goffing at your lack of new content. 

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