Keep Calm, Teton On!

Keep Calm, Teton On!


Many of these are repeats, but a few new finds. These are NOT sponsored posts. Just true love!

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Eat, Drink…



…and DRINK


…Be Still



  • Teton River (SUP) – drop in at the Bates Bridge, paddle to the Rainey Bridge and get picked up
  • String Lake (SUP) – inside Grand Teton National Park, past Jenny Lake. Park, walk, and relax
  • Grand Targhee (play Disc-Golf) – play 18 holes, then eat (nachos) & drink at the Trap Bar!



  • Victor’s Emporium (also home to the Huckleberry Shake) – Facebook page.
    • Art4All – hats sold at Emporium
  • MADE – great local finds: jewelry, stationery, clothing/apparel, home-goods.


Some pics of the above at:

Summer 2016


Aaahhh…it feels good to be back!!!


Since our first trip 3 years ago, we’ve made a commitment to month-long summer vacation in the Teton Valley. Being a teacher, I’m fortunate to be able to have that time and Superman can work remotely (a perk I will never comprehend). Our biggest hurdle is finding 3-4 weeks where soccer subsides for Tall & Small. This year, we thought we had it down – until a unique opportunity came for them to attend a training in Orlando. Being the awesome parents we are, we chose to not derail our vacation and punted the offer to chaperone to my mom…thankfully she accepted! We took off June 18th, leaving Tall & Small with my mom. Together they flew to Orlando the following Monday and will join us in the Teton Valley this Tuesday!

Idaho sign

We left 650 (at 3:15am – PST) on Saturday morning and arrived to 208 (at 7pm – MST) that night. These drives are brutal for this reluctant road-tripper. Superman relishes in planning, packing, and caravanning 2 cars with 2 dogs (and usually our 2 kids). No matter how much I complain, approximately 15 hours later, when you see the Teton mountain range and it’s all worth it! You never tire of that view…and you never take it for granted.

Full moon

In the months before we leave, we all gather our thoughts on what we want to do when we arrive. Between repeating adventures, must-eat stops, wagering new memories, and a strong desire to do nothing…there’s a lot of admiration and anticipation. We quickly acclimate to Teton Time, rising to the bright sun that coats the valley in the early hours and rolling out to the front porch with coffee in hand – you’re sucked into hours of silent serenity. This morning ritual can ruin productivity on any level – working out, reading, writing, and…leaving. This first week it took 3 days until we left the house during the day for an activity, other than eating.

Wynn TetonsAlta Tetons










We feel a little guilt-ridden that we aren’t diving head into all the things we love about the valley, but its beauty is all around us. Renting this particular home provides us everything we love about the valley, without leaving the porch! Sticking to our vow for month vacation, allows us to slow down…to a STOP. The stress of being in the 650 requires a screeching halt to embrace the appreciation to just BE. Without Tall & Small here, we can really enjoy peace and quiet…every parents dream!


We are very fortunate to have the time and resources to take 1 month vacation, but in our dreams – we want to be here as often as we can – thus, the purchase of our piece of land and our plans to build. More on that to come while we are here…Tuesday we have a BIG day planned with our architect and meeting contractors, yes! Of course, a designated post about that will follow…


Until then, check out recommendations here with links to places we love!

Teton selfie

Don’t drink where you poop


March – April [repeat approx. 2x/week]

Me, “did you call???”

Superman, “no, I forgot”.

*insert nagging here, followed by yelling.

April – May [repeat approx. 1x/week]

Me, “did they call you back???”

Superman, “no.”

*insert recitation of who was called, when, and what messages were left.

May – present [repeat approx. 1x/week]

Me, “so…did we get a quote???”

Superman, “no.”

*insert self-doubt and anxiety about being off schedule.


All I want is a starter SQUAD: architect, excavator/septic-guy, and well-guy. In my dream squad, we would have a contractor – but that’s like wanting to be engaged when you don’t even have a boyfriend. To date, my “squad” includes only 1 person – our wonderful and patient architect (who will get their own post soon!). If it wasn’t for them, I think I’d given up on this project ever taking off the ground in 2016-17.


So, for now, I only have #squadgoals.  This website’s title started as an assumption, that people who live and work in the Teton Valley blissfully live on Teton Time. It was a motto of jealously and aspiration. However, living in the 650 makes doing generating business with people in 208 incredibly challenging.  People use their phones – not email. Word of mouth – not websites. This is not conducive to my comfort level, patience, or availability.  Thankfully, Superman has taken on the tireless and thick-skinned role of trying to make contact with our squad candidates. After many, many, many disconnected numbers, voicemails, and persistence – he was able to reach 1 excavator and 1 well driller. Thankfully, guys are also very patient and educational as we try to get this project underway!


You know the saying, “don’t sh*t where you eat“…well, this applies to learning about septic tanks and wells. After desperately working to get a live-person on the phone, you have to admit that you know nothing about poop or water tanks.  Again, Superman gets the pleasure of humbling himself to learn about what this process entails. The first rule in determining your well and septic system is location. We will have to wait for these men to survey our lot, our building footprint, and the scope of our project to determine – where, how big, and how deep. We’ve Superman has done all he can to make contact and learn the very basics of this process and the rest will have to play out when we are in the valley for a month.


On the dream timeline, we are behind – but we’re still within the scope of having these key components off the ground (not under it, which we had hoped). We want to have the septic and well drilled before the snow falls this fall/winter…fingers crossed!

…this is HARD!


not Blogging

I started this website/blog in mid-March, but haven’t written since its inception! Pretty disappointed in myself for not meeting the early goals I’ve set for this project. Which will allow me to wag my finger at the person who started this project with lofty dreams and state for the record…this is *HARD!


Since creating the site, the busiest time of year hit – SPRING! If you a) have kids, b) are a teacher, c) work full-time, or d) all of the above you know how insane the spring season can be!  Working as a full-time teacher and being a mom to 5th & 7th grade girls does not leave much time for anything else.  I’m not sure what I was thinking giving myself a personal, reflective, and public forum on the side of that full plate.


Writing for this site I’ve created, requires a key-component: something to write about!  My high-hopes of updating complete strangers to the process of building a custom home needs progress on that front for content.  As you’ll read on…I don’t have much to say about that.  BUT, I am going to try and be positive and not too hard on myself.  All of the reasons this is hard, is what will make this process worth sharing and learning from along the way.


not Building

This brings me to the more pressing reality of gearing up to build a house (from a 2.5 acre patch of dirt to something we can live in) from 920 miles away!  The name of this website rang true as we barely scratch the surface of making contacts to kick-off the building process.  Our goal between purchasing our lot in February and the snow melting was to find: an architect, a excavator (for a septic tank), and a well drilling contractor. As of today, we’re 1 for 3. The details about that cat-mouse game on Teton Time, is documented (in all it’s educational glory here).


We’re learning that our jobs, lifestyle, and expectations make it harder on ourselves than it needs to be.  Teaching is the most inflexible job for making human-contact outside of the school campus. Want to speak to me about anything not-school-related? Well…that can happen before 7:45am, once in a blue moon – during my 30 minute lunch, and after 4pm. If I really can’t avoid it – you must have something VERY important to discuss with me, because I will take your call during class time.  This begin an awkward exchange, I whisper to my students “I have to take this call” and to the other person on the line “I am teaching right now, so I apologize for being distracted“…all of which give the false mystique that I am a big deal.  The point of all of this is that my husband, Superman, has to make all these calls…during his workday.  Let’s just say nagging someone to nag someone is a soulless undertaking – with little success.



So, after 2.5 months…our 2.5 acres (and this blog) are happily awaiting some TLC. We depart for the Teton Valley this Saturday for our month-long stint!  Escaping the insanity of the 650 and soaking up the sun, stress-free, soul-satisfying pace of 208 comes and the perfect time…Teton Time.


*Eye rolling, pompous laughter, and general mockery are completely acceptable responses to my not-so-shocking reality check.  To any veteran bloggers out there (shall you ever stumble upon this), I have the utmost respect and apologize for ever goffing at your lack of new content.